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Come on Texas BBQ fans, send us some reviews and some posts on your favorite Texas BBQ joints and become part of or taste test team. We will send you a hat and t shirt once we have over 20 documented reviews and post from you. We only want those who love Texas BBQ as much as we do to be members of our team, so go eat and then brag about the delicious BBQ you just finished off.

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Welcome to We are very very happily traveling around the Great State of Texas and reviewing the best BBQ joints Texas has to offer. Please frequent often to search our guide for the best BBQ in Texas along with many tips and tricks of what to order, and where.

We are very different because we don’t just rate Texas BBQ joints i general. We focus on three main meats we are especially fond of, Pork ribs, Brisket, & Sausage. Our guide will point you in the direction of the best places overall and the best places focused on the three meats above, which we call the staple to our diet.

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