Buzzies ribs had dry decent flavor. You have to work them a little to get the meat off the bone. Rub is seasoned well and not over applied but overall just so/so. 

2.75/5 with sauce

Jalapeño sausage

Very good crusty pop and pretty good distribution of meat, cheese, & jalapeño. I liked the crunch but the flavor could have been deemed on the  bland side, even with the jalapeño bite. Mix this with Buzzies BBQ sauce though and you have a real winner. I usually don’t judge with BBQ sauce but for Buzzies I will because I liked the sauce so much.

3/5 stars
3.75/5 with sauce

Great moisture, good blackened crust, lack of smoke flavor. They smoke with oak at Buzzies and I feel the smoke flavor was a little understated. The texture was almost perfect and with the BBQ sauce (I’m laughing as I write this because of my usual disdain for BBQ sauces making the BBQ) popping some flavor onto the meat. I would recommend the brisket if your in the area with generous amounts of the sauce.

3/5 stars
3.75/5 with sauce

Bbq sauce
Actually pretty perfect. Just perfect amount of sweetness & spice. This sauce really turned the meal around. I was disappointed in the flavors of the meats even the sausage with jalapeños but the sauce was amazing & turned the experience around.

Strawberry cobbler
Amazing!! Amazing desert perfect blend of sweetness and utterly delicious.

Peach cobbler
Not as good as the strawberry but classic and sweet. But still 4/5 stars






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5 Responses to “Buzzies-Kerrville

  1. I found it on Texas BBQ Guide while I was passing through and my buddy was quite pleased. Had the ribs & brisket. Ribs were quite good & the brisket had a great moisture. The brisket was a little on the dry side but so tasty that I will stop by again next time I’m in the area. Nice homemade sides, and I also had the strawberry cobbler which also very tasty & sauce was just amazing.
    In fact, Texas BBQ Guide provides actual feedback.

  2. I always like to have bbq sauce as it blends some different taste with my menus.It’s slightly sweet, like molasses, but not to be confused with corn syrup.It’s just pretty perfect indeed.Yeah, this sauce really turned the meal around.

  3. Peach cobbler isn’t too sweet but enough flavor and wonderful texture. To be honest I didn’t think canned peaches would turn out nicely but they do! Next time wanna added some strawberries to the peaches. Thumbs Up!

  4. It’s really a great BBQ, especially the pork ribs and the chopped BBQ beef sandwich. The sandwiches are huge and full of flavor. The portions are huge and the atmosphere of the restaurant is Hill Country laid back and relaxed. This is one restaurant I definitely miss now that I no longer live in Kerrville.

    Thanks for nice sharing & credit goes to Texas BBQ Guide.

  5. I came to know about Buzzie’s through Texas BBQ Guide & the very first time I ate Buzzie’s was at a party. The people ordered Buzzie’s catering service. I thought It was amazing. So of course I decided to go into the restaurant but the food was terrible. I still like the food though.So I got a different feelings about Buzzie’s.

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