Capital Q BBQ in Galveston, Texas

I vacation in Galveston, Texas once a year and during my vacation I “cheat” on my diet. It’s a wonderful feeling after going most of the week eating salad and veggies (dripping in Cajun seasoning of course) So when I’m vacationing that means dessert and that means steak and sauce! Of course, Galveston is known for its seafood, but the last time I went, I was craving authentic Texas BBQ.

So i figured I’d try to get a free hat and submit this review to, hint hint, I really like hats. First things first, the place was very crowded and it felt tight. I was actually afraid we were going to get turned away, or have to sit outside. I’m not a big fan of outside dinner parties. Sometimes when I have to sit outside the meat gets a few degrees colder and it can ruin the entire meal. Thankfully, we did get a good inside table. So no worries on temperature. Hot and yet edible, not too fiery.Things worked out and the night was yummy. I went with two guy friends of mine and my girlfriend and cousin. I ordered a two-meat combo (sausage and brisket), and my friends ordered chicken and turkey. The girls shared a cowboy platter, which had sliced meat served over rice. The sides were okay, nothing to write home about. The dessert was also so-so. I kind of hoped they would spoil me with dessert…some type of evil chocolate cake or something, but I guess no one’s perfect…especially in a seafood city like Galveston.

Still, the meat did live up to my expectations. The sauce was good and pungent and was so good you really lost track of texture and time. You can tell the restaurant really knows its stuff because the spices were dripping all over these babies. The cooks dry rub spices all over the meat before they are smoked and then are BBQ’d. What really gives it good flavoring though is the ancho and chipotle peppers they add. Wonderful, excellent taste.

The food was great and the atmosphere was charming. I love the mounted heads and the Texas-culture picture frames all over the wall. They even have a late night bar and the staff dresses up in full cowboy/cowgirl gear, which is pretty awesome. Drinks are fairly strong for a restaurant bar, but again, BBQ and meat is the top attraction.

Capitol Q is great but can’t compare to all my haunts back home in Austin. I hope you like this review and I really hope I get a hat.

I give Capitol Q 2.75 stars.

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  1. Why are you torturing yourself eating only salads and veggies? You should stop doing that and enjoy all those great tastes in the world. Eat BBQ whenever you want, not only once a year!

  2. I really like your reviews. You are very sincere and objective. I was looking for this kind of reviews. Great job!

  3. While everyone has their favorite style of BBQ I like to think I can respect and enjoy all of them. Capital Q is dry rubbed and smoked with the sauce added upon serving. This is probably my favorite method for ribs. My issue came down to meat selection, moisture, and tenderness. The rack was not a meaty rack, there was too much fat remaining while the meat was quite dry. The sauce wasn’t bad but I have had better and while it brought an average price is was below average BBQ.

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