My Hometown Ft. Worth Favorites

I’m back to discuss Texas Best BBQ, but first I do need to cover a couple more things. Folks honestly you have to first split the two BBQ styles into two categories. Pit and Smoker and that’s going to be like most things in this country. North/South. Texas just covers so much ground we got our own North/South. North are for sure Smokers, and South are Pitters. As there becomes more of us that is starting to blend together and will undoubtedly evolve into a mouth watering explosion that’s not here yet but I for one am looking forward to. But for now we will focus on what I think is the best of the best. Smokers BBQ. You can generally judge a great BBQ pit master on two factors. Tenderness and Flavor and folks there are places that have incredible flavoring on a piece of meat, but if its all in the sauce Continue reading

PGA Tour’s Hunter Haas favorite Fort Worth BBQ joints

Growing up in Fort Worth, TX it might be by default that one learns the Pleasures of Smoking BBQ and eating it on a regular basis. One early memory is of my mom picking up Cousins Pit BBQ for the whole family. This means gallons of tea, quarts of chopped and sliced brisket, and pints of various sides. To say a BBQ joint is the best in town is easy for some people to do. I tend to weigh out the positives of all my frequented established BBQ joints. Three great stops in Fort Worth are Angelo’s, Railhead, and Cousin’s, I should also mention the new player in town Hard8. My final score on Continue reading

Texas BBQ

Since Santa Anna had the Alamo surrounded Texans have been using native woods to fire Beef, Pork, Chicken and virtually everything with four legs other than their horses. What was first a necessity to survive grew into an art form called “Texas BBQ.” Oh you probably see places all over the Continue reading