Chisolm Trail BBQ


Inside: Nothing Fancy here folks, a down home cafeteria style self serve of hot and cold sides greet you. Simple tables and chairs and the place is full of locals and it’s cheap eats. 3 Stars.

Service:Good Service at the counter, give you plenty sides to choose from and some of the best fried squash ever. Line moves quickly. 4 Stars.

Outdoor Dining: No outdoors dining unless you drop the tailgate on your truck.

Food Temp: Everything was right on as a product of a quick and efficient serving staff. Including a drive through. 4 Stars

Flavor: A Mild flavor on Ribs and Brisket.  But a solid smoke ring. Stars

 Brisket: Right Smoke ring and a good overall flavor but shortcut on time and was tougher than it needed to be. 3 Stars

Trim: Wasn’t asked lean or fast it was just cut and put on the plate. A little fatty and I don’t like paying for something I don’t eat. 3 Stars

Ribs: Along the same lines of Brisket just needed more love and time. Had to have some effort to get all the meat of the bone.  3 Stars

Trim: Spare with Pork Brisket meat on so they will be a little fatty. Do have an option for baby backs everywhere in Lockhart though. 3½ Stars

Sausage: Sausage had a tough skin but what a treasure inside. Great texture and flavor.   Stars

Sauce: Vinegar based Sauce good black pepper in it with a little heat.4 Stars

Dining Experience: 14½ of possible 20 Stars
Meat Preparation and Quality: 21 of possible 30 Stars
Overall Experience: 35½ of 50 possible stars = A 3 Star Experience

3 Responses to “Chisolm Trail BBQ

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  2. I have ate at all the joints in Lockhardt and finally tried Chisolm Trail 3 weeks ago. It was by far the best brisket that I have had compared to Blacks, Smitty’s and Kruetz (sp?). The sausage wasn’t as good but the value at lunch for the family pack with Brisket was incredible. If the quality stays up, my family will definitely make this our stop every time I pass thru that wonderful town. The sides were very good but you come here for the MEAT and my first bite made my eyes roll up into my head! We bought 2 more pounds just to take to my sister in Victoria. Love this place!

  3. The BBQ was great, for there being a big line. it went by quick and the staff was really friendly. the food was great and tasty..would recommend this place to anyone..definitely going back.

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