Come on Texas BBQ fans

Come on Texas BBQ fans, send us some reviews and some posts on your favorite Texas BBQ joints and become part of or taste test team. We will send you a hat and t shirt once we have over 20 documented reviews and post from you. We only want those who love Texas BBQ as much as we do to be members of our team, so go eat and then brag about the delicious BBQ you just finished off.

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6 Responses to “Come on Texas BBQ fans

  1. If I send you my reviews, they will all talk about positive things. There is no place on earth, which serves BBQ, which I do not like. So…my reviews would not be objective.

  2. I agree with Alexandra. It would be hard for me to be objective when talking about BBQ. I really loved all the places I have visited and all the food I have eaten so far.

  3. I would love to be one of your team. I admire you so much. I will do my best and I hope you like me.

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  5. My husband and I have traveled many places by car and on the motorcycle after watching various shows on the food and travel channel, to find out for ourselves how their opions hold up. I must say, most of them have been good, some of them not so, we even drove to Tennessee to taste some of their BBQ, and went to a BBQ cook off not to long ago in Oklahoma, one of the places that is consistently great tasting and one of our most favorite places of all times is called Hard eight BBQ in Texas, they have 3 locations,Stephenville TX, Coppell and Roanoke TX their newest one, we have been to all three of them, and all of them are equally awesome. In our experience they are the best BBQ in Texas.

  6. I love Texas BBQ so much & wanna be a team mate as well.Can’t wait to get a hat and t shirt.Ha ha ha.
    All my family members love Texas BBQ too.

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