Iron Works in Austin, Texas

People always used to tell me that I had an “iron stomach” because I have always liked a “challenge” when it comes to eating. I eat whole lobster, snow crab claws and whole fish. Whenever there’s an all you can eat challenge, I always win it. Well, the “Iron Stomach” (and his wife and son) went to the Iron Works in Austin back in November to get a taste of what was supposedly Austin’s best BBQ. I liked their message of “real BBQ” and they like to say they’re the Number #1 BBQ restaurant in Texas so I went in with big expectations.

Right off the bat it’s a very “country environment” here. It’s a bit restrained too…no “heart attack burgers” or giant 72-ounce steak “eat it all and get it free” deals. I ordered the sampler, while my wife and son split an order of baby back ribs. I wanted to try it all and I was not disappointed. I tried brisket, links and beef ribs with plenty of steaming hot sides. I really liked the links and the ribs were excellent. The only criticism I can think to say as that the brisket was a little dry. I sampled some chili and pinto beans and they were pretty good.

Still, I got to give kudos to the ribs and the links. (Oh yeah, I stole some baby back ribs from my wife and child…I actually liked them even better than my own order) The sauce was probably the best I’ve ever had. It wasn’t just “sauce” it’s homemade Texas sauce, the type you’ve heard about. I could taste the jalapeno and habanera peppers in the spicy BBQ I ordered. I liked the sauce so much I added some to my brisket, and had no complaints by the end of the night.

Best of all, you can take the sauce home with you. I took a bottle home with me and even ordered some from Iron Works’ online store a month later. The service is real friendly and for the money, you’re getting a good deal, especially on the sauce. I think it’s one of the best BBQ places in Austin and definitely worth coming to if you’re around the area. note:

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  1. I am exactly like you. I have always liked challenges when it comes to eating. And I also have an “iron stomach”. What can I say…eating is one of my hobbies.

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