My Hometown Ft. Worth Favorites

I’m back to discuss Texas Best BBQ, but first I do need to cover a couple more things. Folks honestly you have to first split the two BBQ styles into two categories. Pit and Smoker and that’s going to be like most things in this country. North/South. Texas just covers so much ground we got our own North/South. North are for sure Smokers, and South are Pitters. As there becomes more of us that is starting to blend together and will undoubtedly evolve into a mouth watering explosion that’s not here yet but I for one am looking forward to. But for now we will focus on what I think is the best of the best. Smokers BBQ. You can generally judge a great BBQ pit master on two factors. Tenderness and Flavor and folks there are places that have incredible flavoring on a piece of meat, but if its all in the sauce then that means the meat is usually tough or the meat is only tender because it was boiled or in some other sacrilegious method prior to getting on our plate. So a true pit master can prepare a piece of meat be it Chicken, Ribs, Brisket or Sausage with spice, heat and natural wood fire smoke and sauce is an option left to you. If your eating BBQ at a place without the gumption to serve your sauce on the side….RUN… aint real. In the North Texas town of Fort Worth a person can eat the best Texas BBQ in the state, heck we even have a Pit BBQ place up here in the North. But if you really want to get the real thing and the best of the best, it will come down to two places. Rail Head or Angelos. Railhead started out in a beer barn. Yes folks we have beer barns down here. Places where you can drive through a double ended drive…(I think you Yankees call the a port ache)……and grab yourself a case of beer, some ice and drive on out the other side. Well years ago Railhead added BBQ had six little tables in there and a smoker inside a building attached to the place hidden from all prying eyes that could crank out the best BBQ anywhere hands down. Railhead was bought by a local politician that made it to the bigs, and he moved it up the road a couple miles. After that move well it has no longer

been hands down because the old stand by in Fort Worth Angelo’s, that has served top notch BBQ for Decades keeps plugging along cranking out BBQ to serve to locals and people who literally fly in from everywhere. Angelo’s ships BBQ out daily to people calling in that want the “Good Stuff”. Since 1958 when George Angelo first started cooking this stuff it’s been great.

So who’s better? Angelo’s is a Hickory smoker and Railhead Oak. That’s the first difference. It’s subtle but it’s there. But truth be told these two places are like an elite athlete while always good they have some days better than others. On days that Angelo’s isn’t at the very top of there game it’s generally because it didn’t cook long enough low enough and it’s just not as tender as it can be on there great days. When railhead misses it it’s the wood. The put boss gets oak on the fire that isn’t aged long enough before burning and the meats get to much heavy smoke as opposed to light. The thing is it’s kinda like wine, if you haven’t grown up in a vineyard you don’t know what to look for so there all pretty damn good. For most these are differences you won’t notice and they are both incredible flavors waiting for you to try. So get to Texas and remember “we did not climb to the top of the food chain to eat just vegetables”

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  1. Man, someone needs to step up and proclaim a numero uno!!!! I’ve heard, Cousins, Railhead, Angelo’s, and hard8. Let’s just start with ribs, which one is number one??

  2. I have never eaten a real barbeque in my life. I am not from USA and where I live, we do not have this thing for barbeques. But sincerely, I would love to try all these things you are talking about.

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