Chisolm Trail BBQ


Inside: Nothing Fancy here folks, a down home cafeteria style self serve of hot and cold sides greet you. Simple tables and chairs and the place is full of locals and it’s cheap eats. 3 Stars.

Service:Good Service at the counter, give you plenty sides to choose from and some of the best fried squash ever. Line moves quickly. 4 Stars.

Outdoor Dining: No outdoors dining unless you drop the tailgate on your truck.

Food Temp: Everything was right on as a product of a quick and efficient serving staff. Including a drive through. 4 Stars

Flavor: A Mild flavor on Ribs and Brisket.  But a solid smoke ring. Stars

 Brisket: Right Smoke ring and a good overall flavor but shortcut on time and was tougher than it needed to be. 3 Stars

Trim: Wasn’t asked lean or fast it was just cut and put on the plate. A little fatty and I don’t like paying for something I don’t eat. 3 Stars

Ribs: Along the same lines of Brisket just needed more love and time. Had to have some effort to get all the meat of the bone.  3 Stars

Trim: Spare with Pork Brisket meat on so they will be a little fatty. Do have an option for baby backs everywhere in Lockhart though. 3½ Stars

Sausage: Sausage had a tough skin but what a treasure inside. Great texture and flavor.   Stars

Sauce: Vinegar based Sauce good black pepper in it with a little heat.4 Stars

Dining Experience: 14½ of possible 20 Stars
Meat Preparation and Quality: 21 of possible 30 Stars
Overall Experience: 35½ of 50 possible stars = A 3 Star Experience