Louie Mueller Barbecue, St. Taylor, Texas


Located in this building since 1959 you cant help but realize your part of Texas BBQ history when you’re here. I ABSOLUTLEY loved the atmosphere because of this but I can tell you the 90 degree temperatures on the inside had my blue Texas Rangers T shirt looking like I just went swimming. BBQ is served as I believe it should be on white butcher paper and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I wish I had gotten a better view of the pit but maybe next time. On to the three meats I tried:

Brisket: The brisket was the best I have ever had up until this point. It was peppery & black crusted and held all the smoke flavor in perfectly. I couldn’t get enough and I’m a rib man not a brisket man. I loved the texture and the flavor literally popped when it hit the taste buds. I could go on and on but this was easy to rate:
5 Stars

Pork ribs:
The ribs. Oh man the ribs were a straight letdown after that brisket. They were on the tough side and stuck to the bone. The flavor was lackluster and just basically the exact opposite of the brisket. I don’t know what else to say except I was let down.
2 Stars


Beef Sausage: Ok, ok, ok, we just made a comeback after the ribs. I loooooved this sausage. 100% beef and man was it good. Muellers really knows how to do beef and this sausage is another testimony of that. The crust popped perfectly and the juices exploded out of the meat. It was literally perfect an I would recommend to anyone.
4 Stars

Over All: My experience here from first arriving was excitement and I was not let down. Even though ribs are my preferred BBQ choice and I was disappointed the sausage made up for that and the brisket blew me away. I’m still sweating as I write this but I don’t care as I really like authentic old school BBQ joints and if I ever had to paint one this ranks right up there with some of the other best. All said and done Louie Mueller gets a……….

Overall Experience:  4 of 5 possible stars =  4 Star Experience