Taylor’s cafe, Taylor Texas


What a dive!! But I like it!! This place is basically underneath the overpass in a small run down red building that looks more like a bar when you come in. The service is fast an pleasant and the atmosphere reeks of authentic Texas BBq. Even the toilets are very old school 🙂

Brisket: The brisket is not as blackened like Muellers but the taste is amazing and the smoke flavor is abundant. I really liked it Alot. The BBQ sauce is good but actually takes away from the natural taste of the brisket. The brisket is just that good and the BBQ sauce really isn’t.
4 Stars

Pork ribs:
Ok I’m a rib man an dang it I’m disappointed again. These ribs were good but not great, tender but not tended enough. I’d eat them occasionally of I lived closer but not all the time. I guess a little better than par. They fell off in places and stuck in others where they should have fallen off. The flavor was decent and enjoyable but it didn’t blow my mind.
2.5 Stars

Sausage: The sausage is decent. The pop was there but not distinct and I noticed a slight dryness to the meat. Though better than average, I’d say just barely. I can’t think of a word but I’d also say it was a bit grainy. The sausage is actually really improved by the BBQ sauce. The sauce backfired on the two previous choices but hit home on the sausage and really made it better.
3 Stars

Chopped Beef Sandwich: The chopped beef Sandwich is ok at best but that’s because of the BBQ sauce. This sauce really reminds me of sloppy joe sauce instated of deep Texas BBQ sauce and it hurts tha sandwich. The sandwich is still good but just not up to par with others.
2.5 Stars

Over All: I really like Taylor Cafe. The hole on the wall feel is real, it is a hole in the wall. Usually a place that looks like this and has this kind of reputation doesn’t disappoint & it didn’t, but it didnt blow my mind either. I’d come back for sure but would focus on the Brisket and have to stay away from my beloved ribs.

Overall Experience:  4 of 5 possible stars =  3.5 Star Experience