Texas BBQ Food Wars

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5 comments on “Texas BBQ Food Wars

  1. This is a great video! I love it and I love everything which is related with barbeque. You made my day with this amazing video!

  2. This is an interesting story. I am glad these people opened those restaurants.
    And omg, the food looks soooo delicious!!!

  3. I would definitely love to participate at this Texas BBQ war. I am pretty sure I would win. I am the best and I loooove BBQ.

  4. I am pretty sure we all know what BBQ is. And I am also sure we all love it.
    Thank you for this article and continue delighting us with your stories!

  5. Fantastic video & i love it all.The way you have been keeping us in touch through article & video is really awesome.Yes,I love BBQ as well as Texas BBQ Guide.Thanks again.

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