Texas Pride BBQ—Adkins

I graduated from high school last year and decided that I wanted to take my best friends out for one last hurrah.  We wanted BBQ and we wanted it Texas style.  To be honest, I hadn’t really found much I liked in the greater San Antonio area, so I researched some of the best restaurants in town.  Texas Pride was one of the best-reviewed restaurants, so I figured I’d give them a shot.

We were a party of 12 and so we all settled on a huge order of the best meats available.  Two of my friends wanted pork ribs, and three other guys wanted brisket.  We couldn’t agree on anything, so the waitress convinced us to order the Texas Tailgater, which was a special menu made for big and carnivorous parties like us.  We started with three pounds of brisket, two pounds of sausage, two racks of ribs and one pound of turkey.

To be honest, I was really impressed with the quality of the meat.  You can tell some restaurants really cheapen the whole thing but these guys were on top of their game.  I’m a bit of a food snob so I take my time and smell every last bite before I eat it.  All of the meat was very powerful taste and I knew exactly what they used before I even bit into it.  Mesquite Wood, which is sweet, smoky and what I like to call hardcore when it comes to affecting your senses.

I’d say it was within my top three restaurants of all time, and certainly the best I’ve ever had in Texas.  The sausage was also amazing, though I only had one piece.  (They went fast!)  The sausage and the side order of beans were unique.  This was definitely not from a can or from a common recipe.  It had a distinctive Texas flavor, and that’s exactly what I came for.

To finish the night off, we had a dessert entrée of peach cobbler.  It was awesome.  The servers and cooks seem to rave about the dessert, and I must admit it was worth the wait (it took an extra ten minutes because the waitress said they were making a new batch just for us!).  It was the perfect combination of fruity and sweet.  And yes, the dessert and the sides were good and we were impressed.  But to be honest, our favorite selections from Texas Pride BBQ were the brisket and ribs.

I give Texas Pride 4 Stars!

5 Responses to “Texas Pride BBQ—Adkins

  1. Wow, Julie? Thats a bold statement if I’ve ever heard one, “the best I’ve ever had in Texas.” I haven’t been there but based on that I’m gonna give it a shot. Thanks

  2. Texas Pride deserves 5 starts! In my opinion it is the best! Common guys, don’t you agree with me?

  3. I’ve been there several times.Sometimes with a large group- best BBQ (outside of my backyard) in SA. I always ask the meat cutter for his recommendations and never been disappointed.Two fingers up for it.Thanks

  4. Yeah! this place is good. Briskets was good and the sides were good as well except for the cole slaw. I had the baby back ribs and they were excellent. My favorite thus far has been Rudy’s but the ones here are far superior.

    Definitely I’ll recommend on higher rate of stars.

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