Woodshed Smokehouse, Fort Worth, Texas


Located in the TCU area of Fort Worth Woodshed has a cool location right on the Trinity river across from the Zoo and Colonial Country Club. This is a sit down BBQ joint on the nicer end of most BBQ’s I’ve been too and by far the most modern. It’s funny because as I walked in it had more of a Dallas feel which in Fort Worth can be considered a bad thing. It is very modern and open aired. Luckily I visited on a Texas August day when the temps somehow are about 80, that is NOT ordinary and I wonder how it would be to eat here in a deep heated sweat. I can imagine this being a real cool place to hang in the Fall or Spring.

Beef Tenderloin: Served cold and loved the flavor. This was by far the best thing I ate. I ate it dry and with some of the Woodshed bbq sauce. Both the meat and the sauce were very very good. This was a very good piece of meat and I would highly recommend it. Is it worth coming here just for this? Maybe if you toss in a comfortable night and a few cold beers.
4½ Stars

Pork Ribs:
Very disappointing. Smoked with pecan wood & heavily rubbed the Woodshed ribs are on the tougher side. It’s hard to compare against the other Fort Worth BBQ establishments, but pork ribs which are my favorite aren’t close to the rivals in town. Tough, and rubbed too heavy. The flavor is decent once you get the meat off the bone into your mouth. But at times it was a chore to do so.
2½ Stars

Atmosphere: 3½ Stars

Woodshed BBQ sauce : 2½ Stars

Beef Ribs: Very tender for beef & rub was very good on initial taste.I’m not a huge beef rib fan but I liked this and it’s tenderness. One rib is fine even though I’m a big eater, not bc of its size but the rub sets in differently and is a bit strong in the long run. It seems this is a constant at Woodshed, they seem to be focused on rubs instead of smoke.
3½ Stars

Over All: All in all I feel woodshed is a great place to come drink a beer on a comfortable summer night and eat some of the tenderloin served cold. As for the ribs they are tough and don’t compare to the places down the street. Woodshed is also a bit on the pricey side. You definitely pay for the atmosphere. If your looking for a fancy modern BBQ place and don’t fancy flavor as much, Woodshed is the place.
3½ Stars

Overall Experience:   of 5 possible stars =  Star Experience


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  1. Hi there! I just recently found your blog and am so happy I did!
    I live in Fort Worth these days and my significant other is all about food (cooking and eating). He LOVES BBQ so of course I told him about Woodshed Smokehouse. I showed him this post and he said “we are definitely going there once I’ve earned it” (meaning he’s trying to be healthy and shed a few pounds and this won’t help).

  2. I wish I lived near Fort Worth so I could check this place out! The brisket, ribs, and pulled pork look to die for. Unfortunately I will always prefer Southern crispy corn bread over that fluffy stuff, but I could make a meal of all these meats anyway.

  3. Nice observation indeed.I’m looking forward to have a small visit over there to drink a beer on a comfortable summer night and eat some of the tenderloin served cold.
    Yeah.I’ll definitely agree pay for the atmosphere.Ha ha ha.
    Thanks Texas BBQ Guide.

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