Woody Creek BBQ

Woody creek BBQ located on the west side of Fort Worth Texas and a location in Springtown about 40 miles west of down town Fort Worth serve traditional BBQ as well as some unique menu items for those that need to feel like they need a trend.

I’ll get right to it, when I go to new BBQ joint I look to make sure there are the traditional items that make a true BBQ place a BBQ place. While Woody Creek has Ribs, Brisket, Sausage, and Chicken, the Chicken breast is just Chicken breast. So no half Chickens or Chicken Quarters for you folks looking for traditional BBQ Chicken, this aint your joint.

Now that that is out of the way lets talk about the rest. The Brisket quite frankly had a good flavor. It wasn’t so Smokey that it tasted what I call smoke strong. The smoke was right, however the sliced Brisket was sliced really thin. I am always a little suspect when it has to be sliced so thin, usually means it is a little dry or didn’t get the full love required to compete with the big boys. Now hold on I’m not saying it wasn’t any good cause like I said the flavor was right, but yes it was a little dry and required some sauce. The sauce quite frankly did not do this place justice, not sure if it was an off batch but for the most part it was a ketchup sugar blend and this place can do better. The Ribs had a great

flavor and a good tenderness and required nothing added. Only knock is they were whole slabs of spare ribs with the pork brisket meat still on. For all you city slickers out there when you’re in the grocery Isle the spare ribs are a wider rack and the slimmer one’s are trimmed what are called St Louise style. When you leave the brisket meat on a rack of pork ribs there is a lot more fat and cartilage and bone, That means you are paying for all that when there weighed. I will give credit where credit is due though. Woody creek is very reasonable on pricing so your not getting hurt in the pocket book in this case. The sausage well I will say it’s good on their gunslinger sandwich, which is chopped beef and sausage on a bun. Further their chopped beef is as it should be it is brisket cut and then chopped. It isn’t ends and brisket trim thrown in a pot with BBQ sauce and slopped on a bun. So a definite thumbs up on the chopped. The location in Fort Worth is in a strip center across from a mall so theirs only so much atmosphere you can get, but with what they had to work with they did a good job.

So to close this out folks I gotta rank this a disappointing 3 and 1/2 Stars…and I usually don’t give stars with strings attached but in this case it just wouldn’t take much for these folks to get all 5 Stars and become a top competitor in a tough market. But as my Papa always told me…. “son it is what it is”. So woody creek…hang in there and give it a little more love and we’ll see ya at the top.

Till next time, The BBQ Chief

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  1. Woody creek BBQ is one of my favorite places. I would recommend it to everybody which loves BBQ. You will not be disappointed regarding anything, believe me!

  2. You are right. Woody Creek do not deserve 5 starts. They have to work harder to get the maximum number of stars.

  3. I do not want to contradict you. You are the boss. But in my opinion this place deserves a higher rate.

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  5. According to me woody creek BBQ is one of the best place I’ve ever gone.They really deserves higher rate of stars regarding their activities.I’ll definitely recommend them on ward.Thanks.

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